Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

Think of the many stories you have bouncing around in your head that your family has told over and over. You know them so well, you most likely roll your eyes whenever it’s being told for umpteenth time. But do you realize these stories only last for two, maybe three generations? Then, they’re lost forever. Unless someone takes the time to write them down.

How could you preserve your family stories? Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Write them in a family Bible or journal made for this purpose.

2.  Video your family telling the story.

3.  Make a photo journal using Snapfish or the like including pictures of family gatherings where these stories were always told. Be sure to include the names of all present as well as the date.

It isn’t hard to do this, it just takes planning. What stories come to mind that are worth preserving in your family?


Taking Notes

My Beautiful Mom

My Beautiful Mom

In case you are wondering where I’ve been the past couple of weeks – my mom has terminal cancer. We found out a week and a half ago, and life hasn’t been the same since.

My days are spent at her house with my sister and brother caring for her every need. We sit and talk while she listens because talking wears her out. Sometimes she chimes in and shares a story I know I don’t want to forget. If you recall in my book I’ve mentioned my mom saying,

“Every time someone dies a library of information dies with them, unless some one takes the time to write their story down.”

This is why I’m taking notes…lots of notes. I don’t want to forget these precious stories. She helped me research Through The Eyes of Grace. What a blessing it was to take three separate trips with her to Oklahoma over the past decade. We made memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Writing my next book will be easier because I know how the process works, but it will be harder because I won’t have her to help me. God help me face the future with faith, not fear.

We’ve been blessed to have family near and far come to visit. She is deeply loved by all who know her. Most days she doesn’t remember her diagnosis and is hopeful she’ll soon be well. But barring a miracle, we realize her days with us are few.

We are sad.

We cry a lot.

We hug a lot.

And we pray a lot.

I just wanted to take a moment for you to know why I’ve been silent–I’m busy taking notes.

New Memories and Fresh Mercy

Tom took me away for the month of October to see something I’ve never been able to see before…we watched the leaves turn from dark green to various hues of red, orange and yellow in the mountains of North Georgia. It was a magnificent display of God’s glory in creation.

While we were there we had two full moons, a meteor shower, a visit from hundreds of ladybugs who swarm this time of year, visits from family a friends for a few days here and there, visits from all kinds of birds including a brown hawk who swooped on our deck, great food, lively farmers markets, crowded flea markets, three winery tours, cool picnics and  a hikes to a waterfall and mountain peaks and the outer remnants of a massive storm, Sandy. It was a perfect time away where we marveled at the gift God has given us in each other and in Himself.

The changing seasons are always refreshing when they first arrive, aren’t they? We long for the cooler temps of fall after a long, hot summer. We pray for snow in December to make our Christmas feel more Christmassy. We watch for the first buds of spring telling us the winter has passed at last. And then, when Memorial Day arrives we celebrate the time for barbecues and pool parties. But in the middle of a season it is easy to grow discontent. We no longer appreciate the newness of the season, but long for what we don’t have.

Let’s ask God to help us be grateful for our current season of life. He wants us to discover new mercies each day, not just when passing from one season to the next.

In what ways is God helping you appreciate TODAY?