My LIFE–It’s Not A GAME–It Just Feels Like One

Photo Source: hoffbauer blog

Photo Source: hoffbauer blog

As a kid I loved playing board games. One of my all-time favorites was the Game of LIFE. I even planned my husband’s 50th birthday party using this as a theme. Each table was decorated from a decade of his life complete with pictures and relics of hobbies he enjoyed during that time in his life. It was a fun and quite memorable evening.

But as an adult I am finding the correlation of my life to the Game of LIFE a bit ironic and not so much fun. 

My oldest daughter is expecting her 4th baby any day now in GA. I’ve been staying with her for the past two weeks hoping “today” would be the day. After 14 days like this, we’re a bit discouraged and tired. At the same time, our son and his family, who lives only a mile from us, is packing up 32 years of his life in Florida and moving to Tennessee. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s been hired as a copy editor for Dave Ramsey, such a privilege and honor to work for a man you admire and respect so much. But–next week!

I am excitedly sad; Excited for how God is obviously blessing my children, and sad that all 7 of my grandchildren will live far away. There won’t be as many family get togethers at Papa and Nana’s house. I’m grateful–so very grateful–that we have Barefoot Cabin in NC, where we can gather together and make memories. But it certainly isn’t what I expected. I never wanted to be a.faraway.Nana. But I will be, and I have to be okay with it.

I told my daughter that I feel as if my kids keep adding kids to their car on the LIFE board and moving forward lots of spaces, while I keep losing my turn. I know that’s a very depressing thought. My emotions have a life of their own at times, and I’m trusting God to help me speak Truth to my heartache.

It helps me put things in perspective when I realize what my grandmother, Grace, went through. She was forced to leave her family and the life she had ever known to move to a new town unfamiliar to her. She didn’t have e-mail, a cell phone or text messaging at her fingertips. I do. She didn’t have the internet allowing her to Skype with her parents and siblings whom she missed so much. All she could do was wait for snail mail that didn’t come nearly as often as she hoped. She packed up her memories and that was about all she had to hold onto. It must have been a really sad and lonely time for her.

The Internet has made our world much smaller today, and for this I’m grateful.

We have become quite creative in celebrating special moments in each other’s lives via Skype:

  • Coloring Easter eggs together from our own kitchens.
  • Coloring in the same coloring books together purchased at the dollar store.
  • Reading a favorite book out loud
  • Playing hide and go seek–okay, my granddaughters thought of this one, and it didn’t work so well. But it sure made me smile.

Our game board is expanding. It’s larger than we ever expected spanning three states, but we’re still in it together. And in the end we will all win because of the love we share.

I think today I started moving forward again. And the good news? It’s my Pay Day.


“The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad.” – Psalms 126:3 ESV




Celebrating Her 125th Birthday

Graphic Credit:

Graphic Credit:

It’s hard to believe that my grandmother, Grace Stella Kirwin Oswalt, would have been 125 if she were still alive today. That’s what happens when your mom is the youngest, and you’re the youngest. My grandmother was old enough to be my great-grandmother. But as God ordained it, I was her youngest grandchild.

I missed out on so much.

When I think of my own grandchildren, that I’m 54 years old and enjoying my soon-to-be seven grandchildren. It’s hard to believe how old my grandmother was when I was born. Actually she was 70. She live until 90, but I was not even 20 yet before she was buried and gone.

How I wish I had had more time to get to know her as an adult. But I didn’t.

This causes me to embrace the role of “Nana” even more seriously. Today my newest grandson, Vito Price Walter, was dedicated at our church. Tom and I were privileged to stand with him and our son and daughter-in-love. as our pastors prayed for him and for them, to be faithful and godly in their instruction, to commit to be the best they can be for God’s glory and Vito’s benefit.

Vito 2

It was a day God chose to bless not only my grandson, but also to honor my grandmother’s prayers. Vito is her great-great-grandson. One whom she never met, but one for whom she prayed. He is her descendant, and he will continue her legacy. How amazing it was on her birthday that we dedicated him back to the God who created him.

I love connecting the dots of God’s faithfulness.

He never fails to answer prayers, even when we aren’t alive to see the answers come. The Bible is full of such examples. Today God answered Grace’s prayers–he gave her another descendent to carry on her legacy. This is why I wore her ring–the one my grandfather gave her on their 50th wedding anniversary. As I laid my hands on him in dedication, I could help but think how pleased Big Mama would have been with this token of my love for her.


Sorry it’s blurry, but I was a bit emotional while taking this photo. 🙂

Who are you praying for today? Do you pray for those who are yet to be born?

Let this be recorded for a generation to come,
so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord. – Psalm 102:18