Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

Think of the many stories you have bouncing around in your head that your family has told over and over. You know them so well, you most likely roll your eyes whenever it’s being told for umpteenth time. But do you realize these stories only last for two, maybe three generations? Then, they’re lost forever. Unless someone takes the time to write them down.

How could you preserve your family stories? Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Write them in a family Bible or journal made for this purpose.

2.  Video your family telling the story.

3.  Make a photo journal using Snapfish or the like including pictures of family gatherings where these stories were always told. Be sure to include the names of all present as well as the date.

It isn’t hard to do this, it just takes planning. What stories come to mind that are worth preserving in your family?


4 thoughts on “Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

  1. So many family stories and histories are lost. While I have rediscovered some of my family’s I know so much more has been lost. We all should take steps to make sure that future generation will know their family history. Your blog today is a good reminder for us to make sure this is done.

  2. Debi, I have started a tradition in my home with my children. Every 2 months orso we just all get together for our own family dinner (not a holiday thing), just a family thing to keep us close. I think we need more together time than just the holidays. My kids have told me how much they enjoy it and I love our time together.

    • We have done a similar things–we call it family night. It doesn’t happen as often now that our daughter and her family moved to GA. But it’s a great idea to help you all stay connected face-to-face.

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