An Invitation

Our Micro-preemie Grandson’s, Elias, first time
seeing our Christmas tree.

First of all, thanks for coming my blog and reading about whatever is on my heart for the day.

I have a favor to ask of you! Now that you are here, what would you like to know? What question would you like answered or discussed? What is causing the most pain for you right now? Go on, Ask Me Anything!

I will select one or two and answer them if I’m able.

So, leave a comment below and ask me a question! Thanks for taking the time to consider and comment.

This is post #22 in The Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in November.


9 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Hmm. Well, what’s on my mind is the loss of my mother, after watching Five More Minutes, a powerhouse Christmas movie that premiered on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. It felled me at the end there, for a little bit, even though my mother has been gone for 3 years. So how do you – meaning you, personally – navigate ongoing grief and loss?

  2. Well, since you brought up Elias, why don’t you tell us a little bit about him. How tiny was he at birth, how long did it take for him to catch up, and it looks as if today he’s doing just fine, is that the case? How is he liking all things Christmas?

  3. Good morning! When someone asks me to ask a question, my mind goes blank! LOL I have been thinking about the differences in holiday celebrations now compared to when I was a kid. Our family isn’t quite as close-knit — everyone in my generation has moved away whereas my parents lived near their parents so we could all gather for the holidays. Have you noticed the same in your family?

  4. What an adorable grandbaby, you must be on cloud nine! As for my question, I’d love to hear more about Elias, when was he born and how much did he weigh? You will have a blessed Christmas for sure!!
    As for me, I’m too busy to worry about anything negative, my 3 year old great granddaughter is so excited to help decorate this year. Lia and I will be baking Wednesday for Thanksgiving!

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