A Simple Way To Discover Your Passion


As most of you know, I entered both of my blogs (The Romantic Vineyard) in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I was crazy to think I could keep up with it, especially since we were away for two weeks smack in the middle of April. But I did manage 22 posts on this blog! 22!!! That’s quite a feat when you consider I’ve only had a total of 45 posts since August of last year. I’ve doubled in a month what has taken me 7 months to write previously. I also posted 26 on TRV for a total of 48 posts in one month. So I’m extremely happy. 🙂

But what I’m happiest about is those who have joined my author blog as a result. I feel as though I’ve received an Oscar and I have a list of thank you’s:

  • Thank you for stopping by.
  • Thank you for signing up to receive my posts via e-mail.
  • Thank you for buying and reading my book.
  • Thank you for caring to learn more about your own family history.
  • And thank you for helping me find my author blog voice and direction, a new experience for me.

Through it all I’ve discovered a new passion I didn’t realize had been born in my heart. It’s to help others discover the stories in their family history and to share what they’ve learned with me and their extended family.

I’ve heard it said that if you want to know what you’re passionate about, ask your children.

Would what they perceive match your answer? One dad I know said his children answered, “You’re cholesterol.” Ha! He didn’t realize how often he read the labels on everything he ate, and how much he talked about how high his levels were. I don’t think he would have ever said he was passionate about it, but he was. Anything that receives our daily attention is most likely an indicator of a passion. Simply put…we do the things we want to do and tend to put off the things we don’t.

This leads me to my next question for you to ask an older member of your family–or to answer and share with your own grandchildren.

Question #22

What are you most passionate about now? How about when you were younger? Has it changed? If so, why?


5 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Discover Your Passion

  1. God has a way of smacking me w/a 2×4…your question resounds with me as we discern the decision to become foster parents. Not an easy decision to make…but I am just as passionate about helping people today as I was when I was younger. I am a “fixer”, there is no doubt about that…it’s just a huge leap of faith to make especially knowing I won’t be able to fix everything. Great questions to ponder today. Can’t wait to ask my kids tonight what they see as my passion.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mandy. Becoming foster parents is an amazing sacrifice of love. I know it’s a tough decision, but the fact that you’re considering it makes me think you’re on the right path. Let me know what your kids say! I’m always curious if it matches what you think they’ll say. Kids are more discerning than we give them credit for, aren’t they?
      Have a great day pondering…

  2. Hmmm…my mom told me I was passionate about writing and I still am. Not much has changed there. But I’ll ask her just in case I’m missing other things. For now, I’m not just passionate about writing, I’m passionate about family and helping people. Oh, and about histories and cultures. I always want to know the back story – with people and with peoples.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking post.

  3. An interesting question! I’ll ask my mom about when I was little and my grown sons, too, although I know the answer. It’s always been in a few fields with art and creative self-expression leading the way. Be it my writing, my painting, my love of color or performing in my own solo-performance, creativity is always present. Add to that my love of listening to peoples stories, travel and dream work and I am passionately fulfilled. Thanks for a great post!

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