Making The National Day Of Prayer Personal.

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I’m planning to gather with other members of our church around lunchtime and pray for our nation, pray for our church, pray for our families, and anything else the Lord places on our hearts.

Prayer is a part of my life. I am blessed to have access to the Throne of God because of the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. He came, lived a sinless life and died in my place, so I can say these three words without fear of condemnation: Dear Heavenly Father. What a gift! I pray I won’t neglect such a privilege.

Prayer is a part of my family history. My grandmother, Grace, was a praying woman. My Mom was also devoted to daily prayers to God for each member of our family. When she passed away in December I was quite aware of the absence of her daily care for me in this way. It was sad, but then it motivated me to take on this responsibility for the sake of my family. God is near. He loves for us to cry out to Him in our struggles. My grandmother saw much pain and suffering in her 90 years, yet the pain drew her closer to God–not away from Him. He was her comfort and strong tower.

This brings me to another great question to ask our aging family members…

Questions #23 – What part has prayer played in your life? Did your (grand)parents pray often, and if so what do you remember about them?


One thought on “Making The National Day Of Prayer Personal.

  1. I am privileged to know that my parents pray…a lot. By their example I have seen that the aging process takes away a lot of physical possibilities but gives more prayer time. That’s a great exchange.

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