The Scents of Familiarity

When I walked into the old house I was greeted with the warmth of familiarity, yet I had never been here before. This was my second visit to Oklahoma to continue research and actually begin writing the book I had talked about for years. I knew the title and the concept, but I had yet to meet my grandmother as my peer.

I was in for the journey of my life!

As I sat in the upstairs bedroom overlooking the landscape the locals called Turkey Mountain, I began writing. This would not be easy, but I was compelled to do something beyond my own ability. I felt God’s help to capture this story for my own family’s benefit as well as those who were yet to be born.

What special places in your family evoke sweet memories? Why?



2 thoughts on “The Scents of Familiarity

  1. Whenever we go to Maryland, I am compelled to drive by my old house that I lived in from age 5 until 18. I go to the dead-end of the street, just two house-lengths away, and stare down the hill at the woods and the creek that meanders through, and I am swept back to being a little girl again. In 2011 I made that trip with Dena and took Mia and Ella to the top of the stairs that lead down the hill. It is all overgrown but is still magical to me.

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