Connect the Dots

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This past weekend a dear couple finally married. It was a celebration that all who attended will not soon forget.

Our church building, that is a multi-purpose complete with a wood basketball court under the carpet squares, was transformed to look like a grand hotel ballroom.

The days leading up to the wedding were full of happy friends eager to make this day one of dreams come true. We cut floral stems, hung fabric with twinkle lights indoors, market lights outdoors. We set tables with greenery, white flowers, candles and hundreds of clear bottles and vases.

The groom has faced tragedy in his young life. His Dad passed away suddenly a few years ago leaving him the oldest son. His Mother was left to raise their four kids while grieving the unbelievable loss of her best friend.

His siblings were all in the wedding party and his Mom was ready to welcome a new daughter to the family. Joy exuded as the wedding began!

The bride is the only daughter of three children. She is a talented musician and artist who spent much of her college years working for a prosthetics company making dreams come true for new amputees. In her off time she paints for fun and profit—and she’s very good. Check out her website AK Studios.

I was the recipient of a piece she was commissioned to do for me by one of my best friends for my birthday. You can see it at the top of this post.

His (God’s) faithfulness connects the dots.

And this couple personifies the faithfulness of God. As I write this they are enjoying their long-awaited honeymoon, and all of us who witnessed their vows couldn’t be happier for them.

Life brings so many difficulties including unexpected death. But if we wait long enough, the tides turn and the good God has stored up for us rolls in like a flood.

What troubles are you facing? Know that this too will pass. But we must connect the dots or we may miss the good that is sure to follow.

❤️ Mr. and Mrs. ❤️

Discovering The Good


Today we are going to the wedding of one of our best friends’ daughter. It has been a busy week decorating, cooking, hugging, laughing and remembering. This wedding will make our friends empty nesters and a new season of life will begin for them. Change is hard, but it is also good. Oftentimes we don’t discover the good until we’ve learned to accept the changes with thankfulness.

When we have life changing moments like these we learn valuable lessons from which those who are coming behind us can glean. This brings us to today’s question:

Question #5

What was a life-changing moment you experienced and how did you handle the changes?

Won’t you take time this weekend to ask someone in your family the answer to this question. Or, you can answer the question yourself.


“To our children, we give two things, one is roots, the other is wings.”


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