History Written In Blood

Photo Credit: gizmodo.com

Photo Credit: gizmodo.com

Most children think history is boring. And sadly many adults grow up never realizing the treasure it is to know your family’s part in history.

Take the tragic bombing that happened in Boston on Monday. None of us will forget the horror, the brutality of that one decisive act by an individual to harm many during a momentous time in their lives–running or watching the Boston Marathon.

Fast forward a few decades when this very week is being taught in high school history classes everywhere. Sixteen-year olds are barely staying awake as the teacher tries to teach about what we have just witnessed. To them it will be only words on a page, but to us the words have been written by the blood of those who were injured or died. It is a sad day for us now, and for those in the future who won’t care.

This is why I’m doing what I do. One small blog post at a time, hopefully sounding the alarm that history is HIS story. God has planned for each of us to live when we have and to witness what we do. How we tell the stories of our lives may be retold if we are willing to help our children and grandchildren care about them. We must stay engaged in life as long as we have breath for life is too precious to waste away.

Question # 18: How have you helped your children and grandchildren know your story? How have you sought out your elders to know their stories? Do you regret not doing it more often? Why?


This is post #18 in the challenge to post everyday in April.



2 thoughts on “History Written In Blood

  1. there will be so many versions of this story, as history will always be a highly subjective subject. The version of a victim directly affected, the version of those who werent there, but are reading between the lines, the version of those with prejudices or an axe to grind, the version of a conspiracist, the version of a Muslim.. all too often, the version that is generally accepted, is the one that the media want us to believe. All we can do ultimately is try to find our own truths, do our own research

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