Questions For Grace

Questions for Grace

I’ve added a new page at the top titled, Questions for Grace. I invite you to bring any questions you have regarding her story, advice or thoughts.  Life speeds by so fast we rarely have the time to sit and talk with our elders about things which matter most. How I wish I had done this with Grace while she was still alive, but I was only 19.

Who in your life could answer questions about your family’s history? Even if you’re not interested now, you probably will be some day. Don’t neglect the opportunity you have today to sit and chat about the past. There is great wisdom to glean from our elders, but they won’t share it with us unless we ask them good questions. Maybe your elders are all gone, and you’ve no one left to ask. Well, make sure you leave answers for those coming behind you. Use the questions provided at the back of my book to write in your own journal your story. There could be no greater gift than this.

What questions would you ask Grace today?


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