A Beginning, Not An End

Today is the final day of The Ultimate Blog Challenge to post every day in November. I have succeeded in what I set out to do.

But God! He succeeded in giving me a fresh vision for the purpose of this blog.

Originally it was simply a place to share bits and pieces from my book, Through The Eyes of Grace, (now available in hardcover) as well as background stories. I realize how limiting this has been to me.

Instead, I now see that this blog is mine to use for my enjoyment; writing whatever is on my mind for the good and hopefully encouragement of all who read it. But even if no one reads, I will still be full of happy to have this outlet of creativity and joy.

You all have been a part of this discovery. Thank you for reading, for commenting and for encouraging me in countless ways.

It took me a long time to call myself a writer. But I realize the old adage is true—Writers write! This is what God has given me to do in this life. I will listen to His prompts and follow His lead in writing from this foundation.

I write because I enjoy it, I always have—since I was a young girl writing silly poems that expressed my heart at the time.

I write because it helps me process life with all its good and enjoyable times as well as the hard and difficult times.

I write because it connects me to others who write well and inspire me in my craft. it is an art worth pursuing well.

I write to hopefully do the same in inspiring others. Either in their writing, in their faith, in their parenting, marriage or dreams.

To celebrate this, I am changing the name of my blog…

Write From the heart

Writing from my heart is what I’ve always done. Now my blog lines up with my mission. Thank you all for your part in this challenge and in this change. I invite you to join me as I discover more in this new season of writing.

I have been blessed to meet so many of you.

Completed November 2021

15 thoughts on “A Beginning, Not An End

  1. I love how you have continued to expand your vision for your blog. It has been a pleasure sharing this ultimate blog challenge with you!

  2. I have so enjoyed seeing your blog evolve and grow during this challenge! What a joy to read about your “writing why’s” today, too. I feel so much more authentic with my blog when I write from the heart and know the marketing and promotion comes from me being me rather than me trying to promote something. It has been a pleasure getting to know you!

    • Same here Julie. I found your comment in my spam folder. I didn’t know I had one and have no clue as to why yours went there! Anyway, I’ve enjoyed doing the challenge with you too.

  3. Congratulations on completing the UBC and for finding an enforced purpose to write, Debi! I like your blog’s new name. Can’t wait to be part of your new beginning!

  4. I like your new name! May you keep writing from your heart.

    I’m glad to have met you through the challenge.

    I hope that we can still connect through our blog and maybe even at the next ultimate blog challenge!

    God bless!
    Ridge Haven Homestead

  5. I love that you are shifting into writing what you feel inspired to write. Although it doesn’t have to be one or the other. I’m sure you love your book, so sharing it will be fun, too. I know exactly what you mean about calling yourself a writer. I am one, too, but it still feels weird to say that.

    • Hey Jeanine. Why is it hard for us to say that? If I played tennis I would not think anything of saying I’m a tennis player.
      Well from now on I’m embracing who I am and the gifts God has given. It’s all for Him and His glory so I’m running with it. I’m excited to see where this goes.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Blessings 🎄❄️☃️

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