This blog was born in 2012 when my first novel was about to be published.

I had carried this dream in my heart since my grandmother died in 1979. I wanted to capture her story in a way that our family would get to know her as a person, not just an old lady we loved and adored. I had no idea how this journey would evolve in the years to come. My first post titled, Officially Yours brings you into the purpose of this blog.

My grandmother’s name was Grace–and my book is titled, Through The Eyes Of Grace. I wrote it as if she were telling me her story. I guess I was pretty convincing because I actually had a cousin mad at me because our grandmother gave me her journals. I told her that this part of the story wasn’t true; thus the fiction part of my historical fiction. There were no journals from which to discover her story–how I wish there were. This is why I’ve been keeping my own journals since 1989. I don’t expect anyone to write my story, but I do hope they will learn from my life and the challenges through which I’ve had to walk.

117 posts and 9 years later this blog has become a compilation of my thoughts about family, faith, food, history and asking good questions. It feels somewhat of a new beginning doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge with this blog. It’s like putting myself out there for you to get to know me.

We all have a story, but most of what we learn in life is lost with our last breath.

Today, I’m looking forward and inviting you to join me these next few weeks as I share with you life through my eyes.

This is Day Three in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in November.


12 thoughts on “Story

  1. I keep thinking of a saying that’s floating around social media: “Don’t send me flowers when I’m dead. If you like me, send them while I’m alive.”
    This is true for many things. Don’t write to my family how you loved me when I’m dead, tell me now, and so on. It goes the other way round, too. Share what you’re about while you’re alive. I think with your blog you’re doing exactly that. Good for you! And good for us readers!

    • Tamara, I’ve always said that this book is my apology to my grandmother for being too busy to care enough to ask her good questions while she was alive. Most elderly people have stories to tell, but no one seems interested. Thank you for your encouragement for what I do. It means a lot to me.
      Debi 🍁🍃🍂

  2. My mother had promised my children she would prepare a verbal journal. She admnished me to purchase a recorded (and tapes). But, all we got was a recorded and tapes. (To be honest, I was not surprised. It was what I expected)
    Good luck on yours!

    • Roy,
      I’m sure that was disappointing. I’m committed to journaling until I take my last breath. What happens to them afterwards I’ll never know, but at least I’ll know that I was faithful to do what I was asked to do.

  3. I wish I had thought to ask my grandmother more about her life. I had no excuse not to, she lived with us for many years, but I was too young to realize the importance of what I had. Stopping by from the UBC.

    • My grandmother lived with us too. I understand and that’s why I want to make sure my grandchildren will know about my story through my journals. They’ll hopefully be around after I’m long gone and they can discover whatever they may want to know. I’m sorry for your regret.

  4. On reason I started Lia blogging is to turn them all into a book of sorts and have my granddaughter (or me if I’m still here) give that to Lia when she’s 18 years old. It will be filled with her early years memories of her and I.

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