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Have you used the questions in the back of Through The Eyes Of Grace to learn about your family? If so, I invite you to submit an interesting fact and/or story you’ve discovered in the process. Simply e-mail me your story and if approved it will be shared here. The only guidelines are to keep it clean, no fowl language and no speaking ill of someone. You may change the names of those you need to for privacy’s sake. And you can be anonymous. Simply tell me, and I will not include your name. I look forward to hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. For a few years now I’m dug a little bit into my family’s story, but it wasn’t until recently did I find out why my grandmother hated the color red. She never talked about it and really didn’t understand it until a pastor she and my aunt talked with knew of a tragedy that would have caused it. My grandmother was one of seven and one of her older sisters was told she could do out to play with her friend but needed to put a jacket on first. She went to the hall closet to get her jacket. In the closet was an old rusty gun and she picked it up and it went off, putting a bullet into her stomach. My grandmother was 4 years old when this happened and all she could remember was seeing all the red blood all over the floor and on the carpet in the living room where they took her sister while a doctor was called. She must have blocked all that out because many years later, my grandfather bought a red car without grandma knowing it and when he got it home she freaked and said she would never ride in it and he had to take it back. We never knew this story but in looking into her geneology, a church they went to, the pastor had old newspaper clipping from things that had happened to members of the church. That bit of news surprised me and I thought, “how cool that the church would keep a file on the members of the church”.

    • What a story, Debbie! My heart breaks for this little 4 year old girl who was traumatized and didn’t know it. They didn’t talk about those things back then.
      Thanks for sharing, and being the first to do so!! 🙂

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